Trans Kink Zine

Trans Kink is a filthy, truth-telling, vulnerable and tender zine about kink, by and for trans people.

Featuring 148 pages, 30+ contributions, full colour, photography, art, stories, poetry, essays, and more.

The zine is about serious politics, pain (both the good and bad kinds), sexiness, silliness and joy. Topics include giants, sex work, femininity, asexuality, racism, demons, submission, blackness, age play, ableism, blood, aftercare, transmisogyny, food, self discovery, fatness, cruising, domination, and much much much more.

Edited by Subira Joy (IG: @subi_ra), Finch Honeker (IG: @below..the..belt) and Darcy Leigh. Published by Easter Road Press (IG: @easterroadpress).


This zine is a fundraiser for SWARM Collective (a sex worker advocacy and resistance movement: All profits go to SWARM.

The pricing balances multiple goals: to make the zine as accessible as we can to as many people as possible; to treat all the contributions with the love and respect they deserve (e.g. printing the incredible photography on nice paper); and to raise some money for SWARM.

Contributors were paid a very small fee (we really didn’t want to repeat the extractive relationship so many editors have with artists and writers: it still wasn’t enough but it was the best we could do). But the editors were not paid.

£10 was the absolute minimum we could make the zine to cover costs and still raise a little money for SWARM in recognition of all the unpaid labour that went into the zine.

£20 gets closer to reflecting the labour and raises more money for SWARM.

You decide what to pay based on what you can afford.